Construction Chemicals
Construction Chemicals
Construction Chemicals

Admixtures: Plasticizers and Superplasticizers :-
  1. SHOTPLAST SUPER : High Range Water Reducing and Set Retarding Admixture.
  2. SHOTPLAST AP- 250 : Water Reducing Concrete Admixture.
  3. SHOTPLAST SC- 250 : High Range Water Reducing and Super plasticizer Concrete Admixture.
  4. SETSPRED AEA : Air Entraining Concrete Admixture.
  5. SHOT SET POWDER : Set Accelerating and Waterproofing Shotcrete Admixture.
  6. SHOT SET-R : Set Retarding Admixture.
Mineral Admixture :-
  1. SETFUME : Micro Silica based Mineral  Admixture for high Strength Durable Concrete.
Waterproofing Chemicals :-
  1. SHOT SET POWDER : Set Accelerating and Waterproofing Shotcrete Admixture.
  2. SETCRETE : Waterproof Breathable Cementitious Composite /Acrylic Polymer.
  3. PLASTO SET-1 : Normal Setting Integral Cement Waterproofing Compound in Liquid form.
  4. PLASTO SET-2 :  Moderate Settting/Hardening Compounds for Cement and Mortar.
  5. PLASTO SET-3 : Rapid /Quick Settting/Hardening Compounds For Cement and Mortar.
  6. PLASTO SET- WR : Integral Waterproofing Admixture for Concrete and Mortar.
Grouts :-
  1. SETGROUT- 786 : A Non-Shrink High Strength Free Flow Cementitious Grout.
  2. SETGROUT IP- 250 : A Non-Shrink Inject/Pressure Grout.
  3. SET GROUT ANCHOR : Two Component Polyester Resin Based Anchor Grout.
Curing Compounds :-
  1. SETCURE WP : Liquid Membrane Forming Compound for Curing of Concrete Type 1.
  2. SETCURE-C : Liquid Membrane Forming Compound for Curing of Concrete Type 2.
  3. SET CURE ACRYLATE : Acrylic Curing and Sealing Compound.
Corrosion Inhibitor :-
  1. SET COROBIT- 60 : Organically Modified Corrosion Inhibitor.
Epoxy Floorings and Coatings :-
  1. SETPOXY FLOOR : Three Component Cementitious Epoxy Self-levelling Flooring.
  2. SETPOXY SL : Three Component Pigmented Self-levelling Epoxy Floor Coating.
  3. SETPOXY AR : Two Component Acid Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating.
  4. SETEPOXY HS : Two Component High Solids Epoxy Floor Coating.
  5. SETPOXY SF : Two Component Solvent Free High Build Epoxy Floor Coating.
  6. SETPOXY WB : Two Component Water Based Epoxy Floor / Wall Coating.
  7. SET SCREED-540 : Three Component Chemical & Abrasion Resistant Epoxy Screed.
  8. SET SCREED SLUS : Three Component Epoxy Self-leveling Underlay Screed Floor Coating.
Polyurethane Coating, Sealant and Membrane :-
  1. SET URETHANE AP- 630 : Aromatic Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane Coating.
  2. SET URETHANE IP- 450 : Water Based Polyurethane Scratch Resistant Sealant.
  3. SET URETHANE 1000 : Single component Polyurethane Joint Sealant.
  4. SET URETHANE 2000 : Two component Polyurethane Sealant.
  5. SET URETHANE EM- 650 : Single Component Elastomeric Modified Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane.
  6. SET URETHANE SUPER : Single Component Polyurethane Waterproofing Liquid Membrane.
Polysulphide Sealant :-
  1. SET SEAL PS GG : Two Component Polysulphide Gun Grade Sealant.
  2. SET SEAL PS PG : Two Component Polysulphide Pouring Grade Sealant.
Cement Grinding Aids :-
  1. SET GRIND A : Amine Based Liquid Grinding Aid for Horizontal Ball Mill.
  2. SET GRIND G : Glycol Based Liquid Grinding Aid For Vehicle Ball Mill.
Floor Hardener :-
  1. SET HARD- M : Non-Oxidizing, Heavy Duty Metallic Floor Hardener.
  2. SET HARD NM : Non Metallic Floor Hardener.
Tile Grout :-
  1. SETPOXY TILE GROUT : Three Component Epoxy Based Tile Joint Filler.
  2. SETPOXY TILE GROUT K : Three Component Epoxy Based Kota Stone / Tile Joint Filler.
Tile Filler :-
  1. SET TILE- 250 : Fast Setting Dry Set Tile Adhesive Mortar.
Tile Glue :-
  1. SET TILE- 450 : Single Component Tile Joint Filler.
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  • Ashoka Chemicals now approved by "Delhi Metro Phase III".

  • Ashoka Chemicals introduces highly efficient, cost-effective, high performance based alkali free accelerator for shot-creting.

  • Available fast/slow set resin and cement cartridges for rock bolting.
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